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We are a team of professionals of the Sahara Desert in Merzouga. We are fully passioned about quad, buggy and 4x4 excursions.  The best desert in Morocco and North Africa, and home to extraordinary adventures just waiting to happen. You can enjoy adventure excursions , activities and day trips with locals.

There is a reason that people come from all over the world to try out this activity. It’s a lot of fun! Quads and buggies are suitable for all skill levels: from beginners to experts.

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Merzouga Desert is located in Morocco , and can be visited during the whole year. Merzouga town itself is really small and the nature surrounding it is worth a visit.  Merzouga has the biggest sand dunes of Morocco and has the best dune Quad Merzouga trips and Buggy Merzouga Tours and quad tours in the whole country. We offer adventure Merzouga Excursions and popular Merzouga Activities for everyone.

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Discover best activities and trips organised by Merzouga Desert - your partner for unique Sahara desert Excursions

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Buggy Dune Ride Merzouga


Merzouga desert activity.


Feeling the need for speed in Sahara desert? Hop into a buggy for a true adventure around Merzouga with locals. Discover the magic of the Erg Chebbi famous desert in a new and fun way. Your guides will tell you all about the route that you're about to embark on, and give you brief instructions on how to drive the buggy.

Buggy Ride Tour Merzouga dunes (4 Hours). 4-Hour Self Drive Buggy Ride Tour Merzouga.

Polaris Buggy Ride Tour for families, available every day for best rates , with experienced instructors.


Enjoy driving through charming desert villages and beautiful landscapes. Throughout your route, you'll also hear all about life of the locals thanks to your guide. Take a buggy ride around Merzouga on an unforgettable half day excursion. You'll visit the best recommended sites. You'll drive the buggies yourselves following the guide. The buggies can hold a maximum of 4 people, and you can alternate drivers.

After picking you up from your hotel at the specified time, get on a buggy and ride around the Sahara desert for 4 hours on an adrenaline-filled tour. We'll set off to tour the Khamlia, we visit area around Merzouga and Hassilabiad. After taking a dip, we'll head towards the highest dunes.

Discover some of Erg Chebbi's most stunning landscapes aboard a powerful buggy with this thrilling tour. You're sure to discover the Sahara desert from a totally different perspective! We'll end the tour returning to our hotel after four fun-filled hours.

Ultimate Buggy ride Tour info and inclusions:

Buggy ride for families

Buggy Experience for Couples

Buggy ATV instructors

Buggy Ride across Merzouga dunes

Buggy Merzouga with us:

Local Instructors for Buggy Merzouga desert:

If you want to ride your Buggy in the Erg Chebbi desert on your own, our local instructors will show you all necessary safety instructions to enjoy this unique experience in Merzouga. We Provide best Buggy ride tours with Low-Cost prices for desert Buggy ride in Merzouga.

Additional Services available (optional):

Buggy Experience in Morocco

Buggy and Tea Break

Buggy with Overnight Sahara Desert Camp

Buggy ride Erg Chebbi dunes

Sunrise Buggy Merzouga

Sunset Buggy Ride Tour Merzouga

Evening Buggy Merzouga

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100 Euro per vehicle.

180 Euro per vehicle.

280 Euro per vehicle.

Transfer form / to your hotel.

Experienced Local Guide.

Experienced Local Guide.

Available during the whole day.

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Transfer form / to your hotel.

Combine quad and buggy ride(contact us).

Available during the whole day.

Available every day. Discounts on request.

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